kimono inn 『utakata』 

women-only dormitory

near Himeji cathle


1 night fee   ¥3500

The hotel where the adult woman who wanted to enjoy traveling alone could stay at willingly opened in Himeji-city




 comfortable inn for women.


  1. Restrooms, a washroom, the make up space are on the second floor with the dormitory room.
  2. Privacy is followed because a curtain is all on to a bunk bed.
  3. Because hand light and an outlet are on, you can release charge and reading of the carrying.
  4. Because I adopt number-style locking automatically, you can release comings and goings.

Good sleep

with the good bedding in order to heal your fatigue


  1. thick mattress
  2. The duvet of the highest grade that was particular about feeling in bed
  3. the linen like the luxury hotel. It is comfortable with an always clean sheet.

enjoy the time  alone and with another person


  1. Space completely private in the bed. Nobody disturbs if I close a curtain when I want to relax alone.
  2. The first floor becomes the common use space.
    You talk to somebody if you feel like it and participate in an event .




There is the special plan

 6,000 yen

 staying + kimono rental


     by kimono rental shop「jyokamachi-style」cooperation!
This price is not possible in this quality even if you look for it among Japan!


  1. You can enjoy Himeji sightseeing in a kimono all day long and stay at UTAKATA. 3,980 yen (tax-excluded kimono rental daily rate) + 3,500 yen (short-lived room without meals plan, tax includes it) ➡6000 Japanese yen!
  2. Even Kyoto sightseeing in a kimono can reach !


Himeji is the town where the kimono matches very much. .
In a kimono, do you enjoy a special day?


Kimono inn UTAKATA                                                 2015-10-23 15.20.11map-2



☎ +81 79-287-6946

📞 +81 90 9979 4141

check in time 600pm ~1130pm

check out time     ~1000am

1 night fee   ¥3500




tel +81 90 9979 4141 Fukuda

The day of resavation OK

Please contact us before 6:00pm                       tel +81 90 9979 4141 Fukuda